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Therapeutic healing is individual. I work with all the techniques that I have been initiated and trained for: Transformational Bodywork Therapy, Amanae – Kundalini Rebirth Yoga – Chakras – Shamanism. The healing is also based on my 16 years of psychoanalysis.

The session begins with an oral exchange, in order to aim enough the intention.
During the rest of the treatment, the patient is lying, breathing through the mouth. Passing through the body and not only through the mind. This process can bring some memories back and release the vital energy that has been blocked by undigested experiences due to lack of acceptance and love for ourselves … Healing rehabilitates the vital energy by allowing an integration of our live’s experiences.

The sessions take place in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The first session lasts about 2h.

They are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11.30 am and some week-ends. To take an appointment or any questions, please send an e-mail to Carol :

I just having to tell you how incredibly healing your beautiful playlist continues to be. You have changed me. Thank you! Xx


I remember very well my first yoga class; it was ten years ago, at the studio Beyoga in Paris, during a course of Jivamukti with Carol. At the time I was too busy trying to breathe and survive on mymat, to imagine in the middle of my aches that I was changing my life.Today, I know how to breathe and to welcome, not only in my practice but in my daily life. After the Vinyasa on Rock n’Roll soundtrack I also discovered with Carol, the great spiritual experience of Kundalini Yoga.
I followed her in retreat, in the Cevennes, in Italy, in Bali, in India, and each time it was a fireworks of personal development and opening of the heart.
This meeting is for me a wonderful gift of life, free, generous, extraordinary.
Thank you Carol.


« So much more than just yoga » I met Carol at one of her kundalini classes, that are always so powerful as she uses shamanic and healing technics. I then decided to join her at one of her retreats in Goa, India, as a gift to myself. It was exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I needed at that period of my life. I highly recommend it to those who are in quest of their real self, bearing in mind that the retreat is utterly powerful and cleansing!


I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and have never found a teaching as powerful as Carol’s. I started with her jivamukti classes - totally exciting - then I discovered the kundalini that allowed me to invest unknown lands. My three retreats in Tuscany and Goa have profoundly transformed me and accompany me every day. Carol’s intelligence, investment, sensitivity and humor are part of this magic potion. Carol is a magician!

Dorothée, Paris

This first session made me discover a place within myself, a deep place where i AM in a very pure way, a healing source that is there to be explored. Carol guides you with her own unique mix of power and gentleness. You feel welcome and able to welcome yourself too. It’s not easy to put into words such an intense experience, involving all of our bodies and our souls.

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